A period should end a sentence. Not one's pursuit of success.

Shed Red employs a 360° approach to address menstrual inequity in the 21st century.

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Shed Red offers comprehensive, 45 minute community-based lectures to high school students regarding period poverty called Red Talks. Lecture topics focus on dispelling the stigma surrounding menstruation and kickstarting meaningful conversations at a young age. Students who participate in this program will gain access to an extensive toolkit of resources to support them in planning a successful fundraiser on behalf of ShedRed.
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Empowering Communities

Shed Red partners with small businesses and corporate sponsors through Red Drives to crowd-source menstrual products (tampons, pads, menstrual cups, etc.). Shed Red will oversee the entire process, from setting up a donation bin in your store to transporting the collected supplies to one of several women’s shelters in Toronto and London, Ontario. At this point in time, we will be conducting Red Drives in London, Toronto, and Victoria (British Columbia).
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Shed Red aims to destigmatize the topic of menstruation through Red Writes, a blog committed to illuminating diverse perspectives. In addition, we kickstart meaningful conversations amongst Canadian youth through innovative social media campaigns on our Instagram page, @shedred.movement.
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